Friday, February 11, 2011

Personal Note: Long day of work, and a twist

So I haven't been able to get on today to post. Work from 4 to 10 really takes a chunk out of your friday evening. Nonetheless, I shall make it up to you guys with a nice personal anecdote.

It happened last night, I was sleeping when suddenly a loud vibrating noise awoke me. Being half asleep I wasn't able to pick up where the noise came from, it surely wasn't my phone, couldn't have been any other electronic as nothing makes that noise. The noise stopped after a second or two, so I went back to sleep. What had to have been about five minutes later, I awoke to the same sound. Repeat this about three more times and I had finally gotten fed up, so I went looking for the source of this annoyance.

After a few more minutes, it vibrated once more and found that the sound originated from my desk compatment. I reached inside and pulled out something I had long forggoten. It was my old cell phone, just the way I remembered it, screen smashed, keyboard destroyed and faceplate torn off. My phone had been sitting in my desk for about four months, and last night it finally started to die, giving off its last warning.

For some reason I could not explain, I was somewhat saddened by this. Perhaps it was because I had that phone during an important part of my life, and it signified moving on to the next phase. There are many memories on that phone that I hope I can still get off via its SD card. Hopefully. Alas, I shall always remember you phone, for you saw me through good times and bad. Even when you were destroyed your sound quality was the best I've ever had. And just for you guys, I uploaded a picture of my beast of a phone.

The beast phone, in all its broken screen glory. RIP.

So how was your guys' fridays? Any tales of broken, yet remarkable gadgets?


  1. Thankfully I had a quiet, unremarkable friday, hehe.

    Your post did make me think about the roll cellphones play in our lives. I too have found an old nokia in a box somewhere on the attic and felt nostalgic for a second. Sometimes they become a companion in life, He he.

  2. I am sorry for your phone . But how did it work for 4 months without being charged ?

    I had a peaceful friday night . You can do many thing out of your cellphone , I belive .

    Check google for the tutorials , there are some fun DIY things .

  3. oh man that really sucks. sorry for your phone

  4. Ouch, sorry to hear about the phone

  5. An important part of your life...was it when you were shot and the phone stopped to bullet? WTF happened to the thing?

    I know what you mean by cellphone memories, man. I've upgraded since, but I still have the cellphone from high school. It represented independence to me, that I could go wherever as long as I called home. I miss carefree days :/